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    So, I was trying to work up some enthusiasm when my mother board went
    Fortunately, I had purchased a laptop on sale but none of my stuff was backed up on it. After computer repair man had my computer several days only to tell me that it would cost more than it was worth to fix it, my friend donated an old computer and piggybacked my hard drive into that one. It is so good to have generous friends. He saved everything and gave me more than ever.

    Now, almost everything is on DVDs and I am back to converting .flv files by the tons into .wmv so I can edit them. This is going to be a six month project for sure.

    I thought computers were supposed to make life easier for everyone!
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    And I thought that I was the only one that these things happened to.

    My HP laptop went belly-up. I had a spare but was not loaded.....I figured.....OK.....My host has everything. I can just down load and all is well.............Oh no. .........In the mean time, my host has a major breakdown. Several sites are saved....................but my 2 most important are totally trashed..........I Did get an apology.......and a new host

    I am still digging myself out...........Making 16 copies of everything.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Witzer
    And I thought that I was the only one that these things happened to.
    Two Christmases ago we bought four new HP desktops (for everyone in the family). By July of last year, every single one of them had had a hard drive meltdown (plus there was a USB issue on one of them) - apparently that particular model number had hard drive "issues".

    You know when you buy that warranty and think you're set? All it means is they'll fix it, it doesn't say how long it will take them to fix it.

    Mine was in the shop for two months. When I got it back, I was so leary of going back to it, I just stayed with my five year old desktop - the new computer is now the "game computer" for everyone to use. I finally broke down last week and ordered a Dell (was smarter this time and checked Consumer Reports).

    And "Backup" is my middle name now!

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    And people laugh at me when I go buy a new external and back everything up yet again... It's all just air and electrodes, it can go *poof* on a whim...

    I love my HP's but yeah, the desktop I got a few months ago has hard drive issues and I won't save anything on it. 500 gigs going to waste... Planning to finally create the recovery disks and probably just get a new internal drive to replace the one that's there.
    Deborah Carney

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