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    Is there a such thing as "Link spam"
    I've recently noticed that I'm getting about 3000+ extra inbound links per Google's Webmaster tool. It appears that most of those links are coming from what appear to be blog pages made up of pretty much nothing except for what I'm assuming are popular keyword phrases. Of course, this is also making the 'top query keyword' list in Google nothing but a bunch of weird keywords that have no relevance to my site.

    These links I'm referring to are all totally irrelevant to my site (eg. anchor text is 'massage oil', 'flaxseed', or 'serena williams', and my site is a career based theme).

    I do have a question logged to the Google Webmasters forum on this, but I was wondering if anyone here had ever seen or encountered anything like this. My main concern is that my rank in Google, or my site Quality Score (for Adwords) will be affected somehow.

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    Your adwords quality score should not be affected by inbound links as they have no relevance to an adwords campaign; however the poor links and sprouting up of thousands could hurt your SERPs as G may think you are trying to build links and spam them.

    You may want to go on a content kick for a while and start writing and or uploading an article every other day, then every day and setting up a strong internal linking structure to help show why you may now have a ton of new links. A few press releases couldn't hurt either as that could be a reason for the backlinks too. Anything to help lessen the blow if you are concerned.

    BTW if your G PR is what you are concerned about, instead of SERPs, don't worry, pagerank is pretty irrelevant anymore in your SERPs but is a qualification for a stronger backlink.

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