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    Using other website logo

    I tried to look for some legal information about whether a webmaster is allowed to copy other website logo in order to use the image as the anchor image to that website.

    Anyone familiar with this issue ?

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    I did this for one of my sites but I always asked for permission from the merchants first.

    It would be wrong to just copy the image without them knowing it.

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    The first thing I would look at is if it is a merchant or not and whether I belonged to their program or not. If they are and I am I'd look through their creatives for a logo link. No point in just posting if I can monetize it (I'm greedy that way).

    If it isn't a merchant and you are providing an informational link to your users, then I would strongly recommend checking the site for linking code (many include a log or preferred graphic with the code) and if that doesn't exist contacting the webmaster and asking permission to use their logo. Most will readily give you permission because it's a one way inbound link for them but you should never make the assumption, get their OK and keep the e-mail for future reference.

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    You should definitely get permission from the owner of the logo. You should automatically assume that images are copyright or trademarked. Many merchants are very particular about context and display of their logos.


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    man, i take logos off the merchants all the time. I never had anyone complain. They should be happy i'm sending them traffic. It's usually a nice big clear logo. If I want to send someone to walmart, I'd want them to recognize that it's walmart.

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