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    How can I do a successful contest on a blog?
    I have a niche blog thats almost 2 years old and it isnt really doing that great and I want to breathe some life into it.

    Actually, I'm burned out on the inertia with it and I want a TON of visitors and I'm willing to pay for them.
    I just want to blow the roof off of it and finally make some good money.

    Im thinking of doing a contest where people refer their friends to my site, and the more people refer the more chances then have to win a prize.
    I could spend like $1,000 on this contest but it really has to work as it'll totally blow my finances ( card limit).

    Any ideas on how I can do a contest logistically?
    Do I have people register for my Feedburner feed and I pick one and give them $250, and give a second and third cash prize?

    Do I install a "refer a friend" script and give money to whoever refers the most people?

    Will it even work?
    I dont want people to spam others on the net, but I do want to generate some interest and swareness about my site.

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    A contest of some type may be a good idea, however I'm not sure how effective a refer a friend contest would be. I'm not sure what the theme of your site is, but I would venture a guess that your current readers are interested in the information that you provide. However, there is no guarantee that their "friends" will be equally as interested, but you've given them an incentive to recommend them whether they are a good fit or not.

    You don't really want a bunch of new users. You want a bunch of new users that fit your demographic and that will hopefully spend some money.

    Why not work with some of your current merchants and see if they can help you out with a few prizes or other discounts to your readers. That way you can use your funds to drive traffic to your site and let the merchants provide the actual incentive to join. Hopefully if your site is good enough, some of these users will stick and will recommend it to their friends without any additional incentive.

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    I've decided against contests as they require legal wording.. depending on where you are located, where your participants are located, and the state/country regulation.

    You also need proper legal disclosures, formal record keeping, etc - as much as that may seem unnecessary, it's actually for your own protection.

    You can buy stock legal wording that (I'm sure) would suit, but I think offering merchant promotions may be a better use of time (as rematt said).

    I'm only throwing in my two cents worth as I had wanted to do something similar last year, and did some research. There are legal guidelines to marketing & advertising that kick in as soon as you offer payouts, and I couldn't be bothered to line all that up. Plus it costs money

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