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    March 24th, 2008
    Help me about redirect and adwords
    Good Morning
    I am an internet marketer i begin now to promote some software and i have some problems,
    Can you help me?
    i promote one software my problem is if i use this ad ex:
    "Software name"
    Software name Direct Download
    Buy Now for $. Online Store! (the mother site)
    regnow affiliate id (destination url)
    i get keyword for 3 and 4 cent and 2.1 position
    but if i use the same ad but change the domain i obtain keywords from 8,00 euro and go under adwords position like 4.1 etc
    the ad is:
    Software name
    Software name Direct Download
    Buy Now for $. Online Store!
    www.Software (my redirect site)
    regnow affiliate id (destination url)
    why i have this problems?
    i see that other affiliate make like me using redirect but they don't have this problem!
    The cause maybe is a bad redirect service?
    i use a free service?
    is possible that with a 301 redirect adwords take me keyword for few cents?
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