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    Consolidated Datafeed? Not a Shop
    I have a shopping/content site and have created a robust database and dynamic site. I am running into data overload and in some cases data underload. A lot of my merchants are are Linkshare or CJ and I refuse to pay for a datafeed. The SAS merchants are great but uploading each feed is a pain.

    I am looking for a consolidated source for datafeeds. This I will pay for. I do not however, want to "create a store/shop/whatever" on goldencan, popshops or dff. I just want the data please.

    Can anyone show me the data?

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    I don't believe the LS/CJ feeds are transferrable as they are customized for each publisher, but that's just my gut feeling (I'm sure someone else can address that)

    But I feel your frustration... me, I fought paid datafeeds for as long as possible.. but to be honest, they have been life altering. Your affiliate id is already programmed in, and with many offering xml/csv/txt options, there is nothing you can't do quickly with the right database.

    I spent 6 months holding off paying for LS/CJ feeds, and while I couldn't have done it earlier (the engine wasn't in place), it has turned out to be one of the better investments in my business so far. The feeds actually did pay for themselves pretty quickly.

    And wow, I never thought I would have something positive to say on the topic of paid feeds

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    August 4th, 2007

    Thanks for the reply. Perhaps I'll make the investment. Say, where's that $300 from Dubbwa? Maybe I'll hand it over to LS.

    There must be a business model where consolidating feeds and selling the data would work. I don't think it's rocket science to figure out how the links are configured so you can get your Aff ID in the link properly....

    Just a morning rant on that I guess.

    THanks again Tee!

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    so what do you use to 'deliver' or customize your datafeed info? do you use webmerge or something else or customized?

    and what is meant by 'engine' -- sorry to be so clueless.

    I know I need the capability of datafeed and i want to go in that direction, but I'm needing some pointers if you could share?

    sincerest thanks!
    some of this stuff sucks

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    I use php/mySQL. I have found Dreamweaver to be very easy to use to create a database driven site.

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