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    Dynamic RSS or XML Feeds
    We have gotten several requests for dynamic RSS feeds, and in the spirit of discussing unsupported hacks I wanted to share how you can do this with your existing PopShops account.

    What you will need:

    1. A enterprise account

    How you do it:

    1. Go ahead and create your shop the normal way by searching and adding products.

    2. Go to the 'Pop it in' tab.

    3. Select the 'RSS2' or the 'XML' option in the code drop down.

    4. Copy the link to the rss version of your shop, and paste it into the address bar of your favorite browser (FireFox). It should look something like this:

    5. You should see an RSS/XML version of your shop.

    6. Now just add ?psps_search=KEYWORDS obviously replacing KEYWORDS with whatever term you are searching on. You will now have a keyword driven RSS/XML feed. So for example:

    Things to Note:

    1. The products returned are limited by the merchants present in your shop. So you can have a max of 100 merchants present.

    2. The number of products returned defaults to how many products you have in the shop you created (again a max of 100)

    3. Just make sure you url encode any KEYWORDS that you pass through.

    4. Yes, the products will update daily as the products update.

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    awesome! Now if we can get images in those rss feeds, I'd be a very happy camper

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    You can start camping happily.

    We had put the image in as an xml node in the rss feed, which doesn't
    validate in a lot of readers, so we have added the images into the

    The major caveat is that the images are the size that they are and can't be changed (can't be controlled with CSS) so it is what it is. All in all, they seem to work pretty well.

    Jessie Jones
    Create your custom affiliate store with PopShops.
    General support: support [at] | Merchant requests: merchants [at]
    (Include your popshops login, your shop name, and the URL or merchant you have an issue with.)

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    Very nice. This will definitely be put to good use. Thank you!

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