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    Interesting Google Adwords Night
    I was working on my companies affiliate adwords campaign the other night. I had a thought to do a search for the company "Staples" in google, to see what kind of sponsor links showed up.

    To my surprise, I found none, except Staples. The right sidebar was bare.

    I created a new campaign in adwords, and put in only the keywords Staples. The minimum bid was 10 cents.

    I turned it on, and didn't think much of it.

    5 hours later, I check and see 5000 impressions, over 200 clicks in 5 hours. The average ranking position was 1.2.

    I noticed the campaign was paused. When I opened it, I noticed that the minimum bid had been bumped up from .10 cents to $1.00 per click.

    I went ahead and tried out UPS as a keyword.

    Same results, in 3 hours, 4000 impressions.

    This time, the minimum bid went from .10 cents to $10.00 DOLLAR.

    My company has agreements with both of these companies.
    We have rights to use their name and logo in our promotions.

    The landing pages each was sent to, had everything Staples, or everything UPS. (There is a discount for the members)

    So, was Google the one who raised the price? Or did Staples and UPS raise the price?

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    Hello scheerabc and welcome to the boards!

    Looks like you have been google slapped.

    There is also more information on this forum regarding google slaps. You can search for google slap in the search feature and get a slew of posts.
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    I don't think it's a slap per say. When you tried UPS you found 0, Staples just 1, their own. There is a reason for that. I'm sure lots of people would like to bid on those, especially Staples. There was actually a little experiment done in another thread with Amazon.

    If you try that, the same thing will happen. Either they have some kind of deal with Google or some kind of relevancy deal. Kohl's is another example where it's just them bidding:

    Anybody could try UPS, Staples, Amazon, Kohls and you might have it live for a little bit, then it will go up to $10.

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