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    HELP PLEASE - I dont get any items on my site
    Hi all
    I am completely green with this but I'm still quite excited at the prospect of my first store on my website.
    So I have followed the instructions very carefully - crossed off each one as I go. I've uploaded the store to my site - but I get "no matching products found".
    I find this quite hard to believe as the store is!!
    here's the page on my site -
    can someone help me please?

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    Welcome from the down under............

    Are you actually selling products or ar you doing affiliate marketing??
    Was this store working before you uploaded to your host??
    Is this a prepackaged store?

    Not enough information against my better
    judgement, I will venture a guess.
    It appears that the software that you are using may be set up improperly
    or the database ( I assume that your software is looking for one) is empty.
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    Yes, welcome, wallaroo.

    Definitely we'll need more information if we are to be of any help.

    All the stuff witzer is asking above, and any other information you can give us about what the merchant, site, store, database, etc., are all about. We'll need all that to be of any help.
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