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    Malware cited in Hannaford breach
    So 4.2 million credit and debit cards, used at Hannaford Brothers supermarkets (and some other smaller chains they own) have been compromised.

    "At least 1,800 cases of fraud have been linked to the data breach, with unauthorized charges showing up as far afield as Mexico, Italy and Bulgaria."

    Their stores are said to have then (and now) met the security standards the industry recommends. So how did the information theft happen...

    Malware installed on their servers, listening to the data as it was being transmitted, is what's being blamed.

    Full story:
    Malware cited in Hannaford breach

    Some more quotes:
    "The company has said that the data theft, which occurred between Dec. 7 and March 10, took place as shoppers swiped their cards at checkout line machines and the information was transmitted to banks for approval."

    "The breach has prompted concern in the industry because it appeared to be the first large-scale theft of credit and debit card numbers while the information was in transit."

    I think malware users like these should be shot. They know what exactly they're doing and how it wrecks people's lives and trashes their credit and removes their sense of security and bashes their financial well-being too.

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    Shooting them is too easy. Something involving a continuous electrical current conducted via genitalia for the duration of an extended prison term would be okay with me.
    Following everyone else is a GREAT way to become average.

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    This tells on their IT dept. A corporate IT worth their beans would have either prevented the intrusion or caught it before it went on for such an extended period of time. Makes me wonder if it was an inside job?!?


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    But those 3D smileys are SO COOL!

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