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    March 28th, 2008
    CJ Smatzones not working
    I have a Joomla website and I am trying to use Smartzones on it. The products that I have added to my smartzone are displayed fine, but the link is wrong. It links to the top of my home page (root/index.php#). I've googled it and it seems that there are others in the same situation, but I haven't found a solution. Anyone knows what is going on?

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    Joomla has issues in displaying some Javascript, depnding on how you have your backend set up. Couple of questions:

    1.) What WYSIWG are you using?
    2.) Have you created two admin accounts for the Joomla site? One that uses a WYSIWG, and one that uses straight code input?
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    Yeah, what Kevin said. Here's a Joomla module that's supposed to fix the problem: Smart Zone Commission Junction Affiliate . I haven't tried this particular module so I don't know how well it works. I actually use Ads Ticker . If gives you a lot more flexibility and it isn't CJ specific so you can rotate the banners from as many different networks as you like. There are several other banner tools here that may give you additional flexibility.

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    March 28th, 2008
    I created another admin account with no WYSIWYG editor and have made sure that the module with the script code is the way is supposed to be and it still giving me the same issue.

    I've also installed Ads Ticker and it does the same thing. The products display but the link is wrong: root/index.php#
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    I've also tried the javascript code on a standard HTML page and I've get the same result. Anyone is having the same problem?

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