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    Yes it's true, all those years squandered at my desk, daring Carpal Tunnel to strike, have finally paid off.

    A personal representative of Congressman Tom Delay - I believe the technical term is 'telemarketer' - called me at work today, offering me a chance to join Mr. DeLay's Business Advisory Council as an honorary chairman - technical term, 'Sucker' - to participate in important business discussions and to allow my name to be attached to campaigns related to important business issues in my area. I wonder how much THAT would have cost me??? Their website made a point of mentioning several million dollars in expenses that needed to be funded by the 'honorary chairmen'.

    I mean, jeeeeze, if they want to use my name to push products, shouldn't they be paying me??? I'm sure Tom Cruise would have gotten a little envelope or two, why not me? I mean, I'm successful too - they said so.

    At least it was a different approach than the Widow of a Nigerian Admiral trying to dump 25 million in my lap, who needs THAT pressure?

    For a good laugh about this particular scam, search on 'business abvisory board tom delay', they've approached quite a few people who decided they needed to write about the experience.

    Oh, p.s., and no, I'm not starting up a political commentary, just never been approached by a stupid political fund raising group trying to squeeze me for money like that.

    A page a day keeps the creditors away.....

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    Hate to brag but they called ME months ago! LOL

    The Wolf Credo: Respect the elders. Teach the young. Cooperate with the pack. Play when you can. Hunt when you must. Rest in between. Share your affections. Voice your feelings. Leave your mark.

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