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    Angry Linkshare login - bah!
    I have been unable to log in to Linkshare for several weeks now. I FINALLY got an email today, with a link to allow me to reset my password (even though I KNOW the one I was trying was correct). Great. Fine. I reset it. Still no go. Tried the security settings for firefox thing that the site suggested. Nope.

    Sooooooooooo... anyone know what the cheese the problem could be? My linkshare links are still valid and working (if anyone cares... sigh).

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    Same here for a while.

    Even after I've added and to Firefox as directed, I still get the following error message (even though I meet all these requirements):


    Your system does not seem to be configured to work with the LinkShare Publisher Interface.
    The LinkShare Publisher Interface has the following requirements:

    * Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 1.5 or later, Safari 2.0 or later (Internet Explorer is recommended)

    * JavaScript enabled

    * Cookies enabled

    * and added to trusted sites

    * SSL & TLS Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman
    Well I suppose it COULD be, but (like OTProf), I went through all the privacy/allow stuff on firefox, so all my settings are set in accordance with what LS says they should be.

    I get the same login error message that OTProf gets. Every stinkin' time. For weeks.

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    Thumbs up Can't Log In - Fixed!
    I had the exact same thing going on for two weeks, and Snowman's suggestion WORKED! THANK YOU!!!

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