Hello Everyone,

I have just written a 140 page e-book on a specific area of the performing arts. I have also written a small e-booklet of about 14 pages to supplement it. I am also constructing a related web site about this specific skill with discussion and relevant media.

I want to monetize this package as best as possible. Some of my thoughts are as follows:

To include the small booklet free for whoever purchases the e-book as an incentive. I've seen many web sites that hawk e-books always make it a package -- "as a bonus, get this free booklet!" etc. In this way, the booklet simply helps motivate people to buy the e-book.

Alternatively, I might give the booklet away for free. It would be a draw for the web site, and would include inside links to purchase the e-book and some sales copy. And, I could use a sign-up sheet to gain a mailing list.

Additionally, I was thinking that I might include some affiliate links within the e-booklet (if this is possible -- is it?) for related products.

Finally, it seems to me that a lot of pricing for e-books is somewhat arbitrary. Is that true? What guidelines should I follow in setting the price for a 140 page e-book relating to skills development in performing arts?

All of your experience and input is desired and appreciated. Thank you!