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    I don't know exactly what would cause this but it seems possible that a website might be up in some regions but down in others? I would imagine this is a DNS issue. I came across a site (a forum) and they have on another url a uptime monitor and that shows it to be up but it's down when i have been checking it?

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    yeah - last week I was unable to see while my uncle (one city over, different provider) could..

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    Yes, DNS can be a problem because updating anything at the registry level can take typically 24 hours to 48 hours or more to propagate.

    However, sometimes ISPs can have routing problems where traffic doesn't correctly route to another network. This can often be down to a problem at the Peering Center, where the ISPs connect their networks together.

    (Incidentally, Peering Centers are so important that the main London one is in a bomb-resistant building.)

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    Is there any way to tell if your site is down in a certain region. I mean that would just bite if your site is "down" in a whole area.

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