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    Yahoo Sitebuilder - Trouble placing affiliate links
    I have such a basic problem here. I'm using Yahoo Sitebuilder and trying to place the affiliate links that I receive from both Linkshare and Commission Junction. The links come essentially the same from both of them, starting with "<a href=""http:// . . .

    In Yahoo Sitebuilder there seem to be two possible places to put these links. One is Insert - Link to - Another Website, in which case you have to fill in a box that follows the http:// which is ALREADY ENTERED. So you can't put the "<a href="http:// into the box. It doesn't work.

    The other way would be to use Insert - Code Elements - HTML. But that doesn't work either.

    I called Yahoo Sitebuilder Help and they couldn't find another way around it either.

    I did have some success by Saving the Image in a file and putting the image on first, then adding the link. But it worked once and now doesn't work on the next ones I'm trying. Plus it takes a longer time.

    Anybody have another way that works? I've been trying to figure it out myself for about a week. How do you normally use these links, which seem to be double links - one for image and one for connection? Do you just copy and paste the entire thing somewhere?

    Thanks, Jeana

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    Hi Jeana and welcome!

    I started out using Yahoo Sitebuilder too and had the same problems. When I could get the html code to show up it was hard to get everything lined up around it. I finally gave up and purchased the Adobe sitebuilder (and a cheap template that I changed to fit my needs). It took some time to learn how to use the Adobe sitebuilder - however it is much easier to create pages with it because it gives you more flexibility to do what you want. You can simply go into the source code and insert the html code for the link or image in the exact spot you want it to show up. I think there are some free html editors you can use as well but I am not familiar with those.

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    Thanks, but
    I've had my site up for a few years with Sitebuilder and would PREFER not to change now. I will if I have to, of course, and I really appreciate the advice. Just knowing someone else had trouble is a little bit of help to my psyche. But I'm in Mexico til June or July and would really like to make this work somehow without having to buy something that would be more expensive here.

    Maybe somebody else has had better luck ????

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    Not sure it this will help as I don't use Sitebuilder.

    You don't have to use the whole "<a href=""http:// part of the links you get from Linkshare or CJ. You can just take the part inbetween that is http:// etc.
    or if the http:// part is already entered just use the link from the

    For example, instead of this:
    <a href="" target="_top"></a>

    Use or

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    That worked once
    That worked one time, but I can't seem to get it to work now. But I've been reading Things y'all hate about Affiliate stuff, and Ive learned that sometimes the links are just plain bad. So maybe I'll try another one and see if it works. Or maybe I'm not stopping it at the right place after the www. etc.

    still open to ideas here. thanks everybody.

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    Thumbs up OK I got it figured out
    I don't guarantee any of this, but it seems to be working for me - though I haven't actually received any money from anything yet. I know other people must be having trouble. Hope it helps. Jeana

    Directions for Banners using Yahoo SiteBuilder:

    1. After you sign in, go to “Links” tab.
    2. Choose which Advertiser you want to do a banner for.
    3. Choose Banner/Images
    4. Choose the banner you like and go to the right side and click on “Get Link”
    5. It will open in another window.
    6. Note the start date and end date to see if it’s current.
    7. (Click on Open link in new window? I don’t know because you don’t end up using what it adds.)
    8. First you have to get the image, which you can do by right clicking on the image and saving it to a file for this use. Change the name so you know what it is.
    9. Then in SiteBuilder click on Insert Image, find it in its file, and it will appear on the page.
    10. Go back to your Link window and copy the code starting with the word “click” in the first part and ending with “=4”.
    11. In SiteBuilder, right click on the image and set it to say:

    1. Select type of Link: Another Website
    2. Enter the Destination URL: Paste your code in there
    3. When clicked, the link will open in: A new browser window

    12. Then hit F12 to check it

    Commission Junction

    1. After you sign in, go to “Get Links”
    2. Find the banner you want and click on “Get HTML” in the right column.
    3. It will pop up in another window.
    4. Right click on the image and choose “Save As” and put it in a file for these.
    5. Choose the website you want to use it in.
    6. Encrypt Link? (I say Yes – Anybody know?)
    7. Use in Email? YES if you’re going to use it in an email – it changes it for that use.
    8. Set Link to Open in a new Browser Window? YES (I would think you’d always want that.)
    9. Hide Tracking Code in Link? YES – apparently people can copy your tracking code or something???
    10. (Screen will update after each of these above).

    11. SID – ?

    12. Image URL – this is the other way (probably better) to get the image, but I’m not sure how. You can also do it by right clicking on the image and saving it to a file for this use. Change the name so you know what it is.
    13. Code: In the first link choose only from
    14. Copy it.
    15. Then go to SiteBuilder and click on Insert Image – go and find your image and place it on your page in SiteBuilder.
    16. Then right click on the image and set it to say:

    1. Select type of Link: Another Website
    2. Enter the Destination URL: Paste your code in there
    3. When clicked, the link will open in: A new browser window

    17. Then click on F12 to View in Browser – you can check the link there.

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