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    Hi All:

    I have a product that provides advertising research to PPC and SEM professionals, to assist them in buying & maintaining cost-effective advertising campaigns.

    We sell advertising data reports which show, for a particular niche, all the ads that are currently being advertised on a major search engine, along with at least 2 weeks of fully tracked history for those ads. Customers can then see what ads have been shown for a niche, and make their own purchasing decisions based on this intelligence.

    Each day, I seed our system with new reports - for example, I may go create a "Rosetta Stone" report to appeal to affiliates of that particular product. To do this, I go set up a report with ~100 keywords relating to "Rosetta Stone", and our system goes off and pulls together the research. Two weeks later, we have sufficient history for the site to put the report on the market, and hey presto...

    Anyhow - right now I'm just creating reports based on affiliate offerings found on Clickbank, CJ, Linkshare and other sites - BUT... if you have an affiliate program that you'd like me to create advertising research reports for - please let me know. Even better if you want to give me a list of keywords relevant to your product(s).

    Of course, I'd be happy to pass on a copy of the report once created, and if you'd be interested in evangelizing our research data reports to your affiliates, I'd be happy to let you share a report with them, free of charge.

    I'm unclear whether giving you the URL of our research reports database would constitute a violation of ABestWeb's policies, so I'll hold back for the time being... but please get in touch with me if you need further information.


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