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    Progress Report ... How Much Have You Converted?
    I've been working on converting eBay links for almost eight hours since I first read the post by bobby131313 over in the CJ forum, alerting us that we could start signing up for the new eBay program.

    My website is broken down into 85 sub-sites under the main site using Frontpage, so I have to take this one section at a time. I've complete 15 sub-sites, converted 807 Editor Kit links and 807 Flexible Destination links (For each page I have an editor kit, I offer a destination link for the BINs so that people won't miss items that aren't available in the regular auctions.) for a total of 1,614 links. Only 60 more subsites and main site to go. Oh, and then there's my forum, which is going to be a bear, because there's no search and replace ability there, so I'm going to have to look at each thread individually, but I'm saving that for last.

    I've figured out that using the global search & replace feature, I have to break the Editor Kit code into three sections and replace each separately in order to preserve my query strings, titles, and sid descriptions.

    Have you run into any problems? If so, post them here, and maybe we can help each other figure them out.

    I did notice that the Editor Kits code still uses the "sid=" instead of the new "customid=" and eBay has confirmed that this is intentional and we should leave the code that way using "sid=" for the Editor Kit links only.

    So, how is everybody else making out? I'm going to keep plugging until I drop and have to make myself get some sleep.

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    All my ebay links are generated by a script, so it just took me 10 minutes to make the change. Now I am waiting for clicks/impressions.

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    Because all 10 million of my links routed through the same redirector page, I was able to change them all out in a couple of minutes. So my links look something like:

    and redirect.aspx builds the affiliate url and does a 302 redirect to the final destination. So the eBay/ link to any page works like:

    Anyway... When building large websites, it might be a good idea to centralize all affiliate linking so that changes like this don't cause huge ripples.
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    anyone hazard a guess as to the timing of click-to-report?

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    My 3 biggest sites took about an hour to do. I've got some stragglers and tinyurls that need to be replaced, but they're not a priority...
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    All automated and database-oriented here, so it took about 15 minutes. I'm done. Just watching to make sure everything reports right.

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    just started i hope it will take 4-5 hrs

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