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    January 17th, 2005
    I've seen funny threads lately posting sites for sale so the better half of my humor just couldn't resist this one.

    99 tiger direct datafeed sites that have brought in regular income in excess of $30,000 a month is now up for sale (due to extreme circumstances) for only $17,567.53 (The amount of cash I need immediately )

    Only serious inqueries please. This offer is only good for a couple of days and is non negotiable.... but if you really wait a day or two and no takers I'll lower the price anyway .

    Hurry - Don't let this great deal slip away!

    As a bonus, I'll throw in an old 45 record with the song 99 bottles of beer on the wall too.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I'll offer $1.54 - provided you throw in 6 months free hosting....

    “There are only two settings, stun and would be best not to confuse them.”
    --Malcom Reed

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    January 18th, 2005
    Well, thanks to 'ol Carl the sites are useless now but the domains must be worth something. I'll bid a $1.55.

    Seriously, sorry you're losing such a nice income. I'm losing considerably less than that and only about 10 months of work.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I just feel sad to what happen!

    TD had hundreds of affiliate (maybe thousands) that probably half of em use datafeed and put extra extra effort to support(time and money)for TD for their stance of parasites, and they pull this!

    But how many more merchants will do this to affiliate?

    They (merchants) tell you that we are their partnered (sweet talk) and then pull this kind of stuff without notice!

    Do you feel like you have been taken for a ride and just drop you of the middle of the desert, are you going to stay in the middle of the desert and wait for them to come back and pick you up, after leaving you their without your knowledge?

    The affiliate that support TD got really slap in the face!
    Sad, very sad!

    I wonder how the Google will penalized sites that have thousands of 404?

    What does the COC stand for? Crooks Overwriting Commissions.
    Don't worry! Tracking is infected!
    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-) !

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