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    About CJ account

    I have added only one site in CJ account but I have 2 more sites. So, I want to know that without adding my sites into CJ account Can I add the product to my other sites which are not added into cj account. If I can then can I get the credit from that product. If I have to added the all my sites into CJ account then I have to get the Key for all sites or one key will be sufficient for all sites. Someone please tell me in detail about that.


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    Why are you posting this CJ question in the Cusimano forum instead of the Commission Junction forums?

    I would think someone there would be able to give you exact information you need?
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    Its related to script too because I need a script key for my CJ sites.

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    FYI, some DySE scripts are for merchants at (DySE::Hono, DySE::Audible, DySE::InstrumentPro).

    Each key is for a specific PID (Publisher ID). At, you can have one or more PID's. lets you use the same PID on one or more of your websites. You may be asking why would you want more than one PID. Because, typically, it's a good idea (but not necessary) to get a PID for each of your websites and use each PID on just one website, thus enabling you to track clicks/sales to each of your websites. It's all for statistics purposes.

    So, if you have another PID that you want to use, request a key for that PID.

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    per: David Cusimano

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