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    I have little too no respect, for Affiliate Managers who continually preach don't worry (stick and carrot) with us one of those hundreds of clicks will give you a whole dollar! Can you say B*LLS**t (tiger was one for me anyway never made a penny)
    For me, Adsense is the closest thing I have seen too honesty, I mean for Gods sake they pay you for each click! and I have seen very nice results!

    Anyway Leader are you listening, content sites are the future.

    I have yet too walk into a real world store where over a thousand walked before and bought nothing!

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    I'm sure leader will be here later to gratify your request but I'll be glad an step in for now. It really does get better just give it some time and you'll see you hard efforts pay off.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Anyway Leader are you listening, content sites are the future.

    Yesterday August 1st due to the income from my non content product datafeed websites I was able to close on my new home. You can argue all you want about the future but just like the book 1984 it never really happened and certainly not on time. I live in the meanwhile and will continue to do what's needed until then. These merchants and their carrots are for real. It just takes time to get fast enough to beat the stick. I make a good amount of what I consider to be extra income from affiliate marketing. Many people make much less than me working their 40 hour jobs than I make from my non content websites. I also work a full time job because I value that income and the stability it provides me but I would never give up on affilaite marketing even with the ups and downs it brings.

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    Heyder--Congrats on the new house!

    Glaikit--I'm not taking down any non-content pages, but I do see that AdSense is lucrative! I wouldn't say it's "the future" but it should be good enough for a fun short-term ride.

    So good in fact, that a c*ntent site made specially to get AdSense clicks is going up in the other window!

    But I think this gravy train (AdSense paying so much) won't last too long, so regular Revenue (sales) pages are still going up as well. I think it would be amazing if click rates stay as high as they are over a long period of time. On the other hand, places that have been paying 10% and converting for years are likely to keep on paying it and converting! So AdSense isn't a replacement, but an add-on to the non-c*ntent part of my program.

    I won't call c*ntent the "king" of *anything* unless it actually beats my CJ earnings (despite continued full-on promotion of CJ merchants)--but at least c*ntent now seems to be fit enough to at least enter the courts of King Revenue, with AdSense as its escort.

    It is a beautiful thing, to do nothing, and then rest afterwards.~Spanish Proverb

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    Heyder, Leader thanks for the responses but in the back of your minds you must agree their is a shift.

    Right now it is towards content sites. Ok hear goes on my sites anyway CJ merchants epc .2 cents

    Using adsense 1.00 plus over a hundred times the conversion ratio

    Nuff said

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