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    When "Google Performics " VS CJ
    Hi all
    I just received an email from performics:

    As a result of our planning, we are formally splitting DoubleClick Performics into two separately-run business units - Affiliate Marketing and Search Marketing. We plan to integrate the Affiliate Marketing business into existing Google operations, providing enhanced value and reach for our Affiliate advertisers and additional tools and monetization opportunities for our publishers.

    If Google strentens its PPA program , including the sale commission and margin share, the whole affiliate industry may experience a big shift.

    It is so coherent that Google reinforced its policy about the URL : the display URL should be uniformed with landing page. It was spitted by lots of search affiliates. release some special section for the interview of the big 4 boss. They all talking about the SEM may give lots of challenges , but the industry will still be promissing.

    I believe SEM may not kill Affiliate , but the drum had already passed the ocean.

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    Google owning Performics makes me VERY glad that they didn't have an interface to enter all my URLs into!!

    BTW this doesn't seem to be CJ specific, so I'm moving it to the Google forum.

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    My guess here is that they will enable Performics merchants/advertisers to opt-in to the Google AdWords CPA model that could enhance options for AdSense webmasters while improving the performance of those formerly-Performics advertisers.

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