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    Help! Someone is spamming with my email address to AOL customers and I am getting thousands of emails stating Returned Mail: User Unknown. Now I starting to get irate emails from partents who ARE getting these on their kids AOL accounts (evidently it is porno or something like that).

    This is an old domain I forgot to transfer to my good friends at THmedia (I know Tom would have fixed this quick) and I am unable to get a hold of support where it is hosted. I'm going on vacation Tuesday for two weeks (without my computer - aggghhh) and I really need to get this resolved before I leave.

    Anyone have any suggestions of anything I can do today?

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    Unfortunately, there is not alot you can do when someone is forging your email address on spam The most important thing is to let your hosting company know so that you don't get shut down for the spam. You can also try (FWIW) to contact AOL to let them know the spam isn't really originating from you. AOL is bad about slapping folks on their block list with what appears to be little investigation on their part.

    You may also want to think about transferring that domain to another hosting company. Make sure you have cureent copies of all the files on that server in case the hosting company decides to shut the site down due to spam complaints. I'd be nervous if I wasn't being able to get in contact with them.

    You could also set up an autoresponder to let the folks know who are contacting you what is really going on.....

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    I found the contact at AOL ( and have contacted them.

    Question, Ms. B, how would changing my hosting company fix the problem? I want to move it, but won't those returned emails follow me no matter where I am hosting?


    Ron - 7 Days A Week Marketing

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    This (unfortunately) is quite a common occurence.

    The main rule is.. don't panic. Anybody with an enough understanding to report it to an ISP should also understand that the email address is fake. Automated reporting systems such as SpamCop ignore the From address anyway.

    It'll do no harm to give your ISP the heads up, or even respond politely and patiently with anyone making a complaint (or just ignore them).

    The biggest problem you'll have are a small group of newbie antispammers who can grasp the abuse@ concept but are too stupid to actually understand spam. But that's a fairly small group of people.

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    Yup, a common thing ... my old e-mail is used to do the same thing and I can't do sh!t about it

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