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    Anyone Recognize this ipaddress?
    I noticed an awful lot of activity from this ipaddress today. It obviously some sort of a bot. I see almost 3500 entries with this ip from this morning.

    IP Address -->

    SELECT *
    FROM `activity`
    WHERE ipaddress = ''
    AND timestamp LIKE '2008-04-03%'
    LIMIT 0 , 30

    Showing rows 0 - 29 (3,498 total, Query took 0.0095 sec)

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    It's a French IP address owned by

    I don't know if that helps much

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    I searched about 2 years worth of logs from my sites and didn't see any hits from that IP address.
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    Donk, that looks like a great site you linked. Thanks for posting it.

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    Not sure why it would be from a French source.

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    U wish U knew
    do you even have 3500 pages of content?

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    Probably a newbie to your niche who is taken by your site

    Or could it be a proxy? Hmmm
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    I'm guessing it's a bot either trying to hack access to a poorly coded php page or scraping content...Look at your error page results to see if they are hitting /login or funny looking URLS where they could be trying to load something via a script your using.

    sounds like a bann ip without even looking at the logs ;-) the IP says enough it's from some French ISP...sounds like a home brewed scrape to me

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