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    How do you become an Affiliate?
    Do you know?
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    Avoid expectations of immediate profit. Here is a good place to start out reading: Magic Bullet Thread

    I should add.. not that you're expecting anything immediate and w/out effort. I just think that's a great resource for folks starting out.

    BTW welcome to the community

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    1. Stop lurking and start participating (chat, etc.). You haven't said a word in chat for over an hour although you appear to be logged in.

    2. Sign up with an affiliate program and put links up on your website.

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    Decide what niche you want to be in
    Find a product with an affiliate program that caters to the nice
    Register as an affiliate with the affiliate program
    Get your affiliate link
    Drive traffic to your affiliate link

    You can fing some explanatory articles at

    And stop hanging about and start doing something
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    [URL=""]Affiliate Marketing Basics[/URL]

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