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    Plagued by irrelevant Adsense ads on new blog
    I know I've solved this problem on blogs in the past, but this one just isn't working for me.

    I have a fairly new WordPress 2.5 powered blog, only about a week old, to which I've been posting a couple of times a day.

    I have Adsense on the blog, and set it up with a channel for tracking. I've had a few page impressions, but no click throughs yet. Here's my problem:

    On individual posts, the Adsense is showing very relevant ads.

    On the front page of the blog, even though there are several posts listed (3 or 4?), and even though the title of the blog does NOT contain the words "blog" "blogging" or even "writing" -- Adsense in the front page sidebar and between the top 2 blog posts are showing ONLY Adsense ads related to blogs and blogging.

    I tried going into the template on the index.php and using the Adsense section targeting commands to surround the post content, and did the same on the single.php file -- on the front page, I continue to get Adsense ads that are only relevant to blogs and blogging.

    Any suggestions?

    ATTN. MODS: Maybe this belongs on the new "Blogging" forum instead of Adsense? But since it was specifically Adsense related, I put it here. Please move this thread if you think the "Blogging" forum would be better. Thanks.
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    1) I have this problem with new blogs but it only lasts for a few days. Take a look at your overall content and see if your content is as targeted as you think. Header text, footer text, etc counts.

    2) Use Shylock Adsense plugin and it should help with the maintenance of it all.

    3)Be careful where in the template you insert adsense.

    4)Make sure you are giving Google ample time to spider your site

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    Does your theme have a home.php? If it does, that will load instead of index.php as the front page. View the source through your browser to make sure section targeting is showing up properly.

    If you have home.php add section targeting to that as well.

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    Okay, now that's just bizarre.

    I went back into the "Source" and didn't like the placement I had for the section targeting code, so I deleted the "start" and "end" tags for that.

    I saved the blog, went to "View Site" -- and everything appears to be relevant, or at least the mostly-blog-and-blogging ads are gone.

    SO -- I believe I read on a blog somewhere about someone having a similar experience, that removing the section targeting actually improved the relevancy of their ads??

    Anyway, it seems to be working now.

    The theme I'm using is one with a selection of Adsense sizes and locations pre-installed into which I just plugged my pub- number and channel ID number.

    I'll keep you posted.
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    I was supposed to tell you to check site diagonstics section on your adsense account. Some times crawling will be blocked and notified on the site diagnostics.
    But now anyhow you only have thrown light on the problem and we got some news with it, let me see my blog.

    thanks for sharing

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