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    My sixth grader made high honor roll
    My son Branden made the high honor roll. My wife Tina home schooled him up until this year.

    When he first went to school we were all as nervous as you can get. At first he did terrible got a few D's and F's and I thought the end of time was coming.

    He settled in quickly though and last quarter made the honor roll with mostly A's and a couple B's on his report card. Now he has made the high honor roll and is top of his class. His lowest grade was an A- with most everything else A+

    I was a very poor student myself so I can't take credit for his success. He's his mother's child for sure. My wits are more like curious george lol.

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    WOw - beautiful accomplishment! WTG Branden!!!

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    That's so cool!!! I hope he gets addicted to seeing all those As on his report card.

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    That is awesome!
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    Huge Congrats -- what an achievement!

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    i am glad he adjusted and is doing well. It is quite a change for him I am sure, and I hope he is enjoying school too. Great Job on the High Honor Roll!

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    Wow. That's wonderful - a rapid adjustment and a serious accomplishment.

    Congratulations to Brandon - and to his Mom and Dad. As a teacher of 22 years (before I gave it up to do aff-mktg full time), I can assure you that regardless of your own success in school, your encouragement and caring had a lot to do with his success. Keep it up, he is at a very impressionable time of his life.
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