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    Budget Rent a Car
    I do very little with rental car affiliate programs. I made a booking through my link for a friend on Monday for pickup on Wednesday and return on Thursday. The booking tracked with a $0.00 commission since Budget pays on completed rentals. Interestingly, it also listed $0.00 for the sale amount. All other CJ travel programs that pay based on a completed stay report the actual booking amount at the time of booking.

    Since the rental is now completed, I'm curious how long it takes for the commission to report. Other programs are anywhere from the day after completion to the third week of the month after completion.

    I sent an email early this morning asking how long it takes for commission to report after the rental is completed. Budget is a CJ managed program with no actual merchant contact available. Here's the reply from CJ:
    It depends on when the vehicle was rented and returned to the site. Depending on when it was returned and reported by the site will determine how long that will take. Usually we see anywhere from 3 months on.
    3 months on??? That is just ridiculous. It would seem to me that any commission that takes that long to report is ripe for reporting problems.

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    Yes I am also waiting on Budget as well, Booked it 3 month's ago it did track. Picked it up 3 Weeks ago and returned it 1 week ago. Waiting to see if payment comes my way. I did also book Best Western Hotel the same trip and I got the commision two days after checking out.

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