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    Question How can Rss and Xml files help a site to be in top postion in search engines
    hi every body,

    i want to know how far xml and rss files wil help a site to be top postion in search engines

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    Quote Originally Posted by istham
    hi every body,

    i want to know how far xml and rss files wil help a site to be top postion in search engines
    1 - With any of those two files, you can have up to the minute content on your site.

    2 - If you know how to do that, then you can have an advantage over many of your competition.

    3 - If you can do 1 and 2, then... you may have a top position on some SE's!

    Just make sure that #2 is a relevant and unique content, and then... you may be able to do this: every month.

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    Well. there are 2 sides to this coin, and an advantage/disadvantage for each side.

    you display other sites RSS content:
    advantage: current content changes on your site.
    disadvantage: you can enter the duplicate content quagmire.

    RSS feeds you create:
    advantage: People subscribe to your feed/ you get more readers and income.
    disadvantage: others display your feed, you get pushed into duplicate content hell.

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    I don't think just adding a feed is going to get you to the top of a search engine.

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    And XML/RSS feed is a glorified data feed. No more/no less. Actually... I'd say it's less. You usually get less information.

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    No benefit to rankings unless you submit a sitemap using Google webmaster tools - and that doesn't necessarily improve your placement, it just give the spiders a clear roadmap.

    I was reminded by another thread .. I have renamed my rss & sitemap to something only google knows as it was giving black-hatters something to scrape. Just mentioning it as food for thought to others...

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