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    Two weeks ago in North Lauderdale, Fla., funeral services were held for Russell Shaw, a prolific blogger on technology subjects who died at 60 of a heart attack. In December, another tech blogger, Marc Orchant, died at 50 of a massive coronary. A third, Om Malik, 41, survived a heart attack in December.


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    Reminds me of that gamer in Korea(?) who played some online game until his heart gave out. "What a way to go" (death by gaming) but it does show that the body doesn't care about the reason it's being mistreated, and will break down regardless.

    I think it's probably because it's soooo easy to just keep typing and ignore basic things like proper food, getting enough water, and sleep. Webmastering seems like no work from a physical perspective, but is actually very demanding if care isn't taken. I'm not surprised that not everyone's body will put up with what seems to be the usual way of going about it.

    The lifestyle of being at the computer all the time has many elements that are hard on the heart:

    Lack of sleep--raises blood pressure
    Lack of water--bad on many levels
    Lack of proper food--can increase cholesterol, harden arteries, raise blood pressure, or even cause malnutrition (junky food often doesn't have proper nutrients even though it's got lots of calories).
    Lack of exercise--Yet another strike on the blood pressure, as well as overall physical resilience.

    Putting all of this together, it's very demanding on the body, even if the mind is enjoying it completely.

    It's a sobering reminder that us webmasters (and gamers) need to take better care of ourselves.
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    As someone who runs six content-oriented blogs and several marketing blogs -- I have to say this thread is NOT very encouraging. LOL!

    Hey, I get out of my recliner and put the laptop aside to walk ALL BY MYSELF into the kitchen for a cup of coffee every three or four hours -- whether I really need to get up and move or not.

    Did I mention I'm 60??
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