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Thread: [SAS] New Text Links Available

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    [SAS] New Text Links Available

    Just wanted to let you know that new/updated FBL links are now available on the Share-a-sale interface. The new links available advertise Light-Up Products for all occasions and events – from “Cinco De Mayo to Sporting Events to Wedding Nuptials!
    The Specific Categories Now Available on Shareasale are:

    What's New? and What's Hot? // Thematic Light-Up Products // Text Link // Sports Light-Up Products // Light-Up Products // Holiday Light-Up Products // Custom Light-Up Products // Banners // View All
    Below you will find 17 text links. Simply copy and paste the HTML code I have provided and you will receive commission for any sales sent through it. Please be reminded to replace !!USERID!! with your SAS ID. I encourage you to take a look at all the links now available on SAS to assist you with your marketing efforts. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

    Wishing you the Very Best Always!

    Take Care,
    Yvonne Matos
    FBL, Affiliate Manager


    What's New? and What's Hot? (1)

    Banner ID: 116234 - What's New? and What's Hot?!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Thematic Light-Up Products (5)

    Banner ID: 118028 - Academic Light-Up Products!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 118031 - Casino & Gaming Light-Up Products!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 118032 - Flag Blinky Lights!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 118034 - Music Light-Up Products!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 118036 - Wedding Light-Up Products!!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Sports Light-Up Products (3)

    Banner ID: 117995 - Body Lights: MLB!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 117996 - Body Lights: NFL!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 117998 - Sports Light-Up Products!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Light-Up Products (5)

    Banner ID: 117993 - Show Me Everything on!!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 117994 - Body Lights!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 118002 - Cool Light Up Stuff!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 118008 - Lighted Pet Products!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 118016 - Key Chain Lights!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Holiday Light-Up Products (2)

    Banner ID: 118020 - Cinco De Mayo!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Banner ID: 118021 - Memorial Day!!USERID!!&M=12554

    Custom Light-Up Products (1)

    Banner ID: 116233 - Custom Light-Up Products!!USERID!!&M=12554

    TOTAL: 17 Text Links
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