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    Sponsered search Worth the money ?....

    Is sponsored search really worth the money. Is it really expensive ect. ?

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    If you make more than you spend it's worth it.

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    Is this really SteveWilliams posting? The original SteveWilliams?

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    Not a sure thing
    You need to conduct your own research on this. Do a search on this site and get opinions from this forum's savvy people. That will give you a sense of the factors you should consider.

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    Steve, when we signed up there was a promotion for free $100 coupon. See if that is still available, and see what ads will work for you.

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    Worth the money in some cases, yes. In order to take full advantage of it your site needs to be attractively laid out, have no dead links, and a clear purpose. This increases conversions and therefore generates a higher ROI.

    I have seen your site today. If I were in your situation, I would not be spending any money to advertise it yet. It still needs a lot of work. Good job getting it to the point it is currently at. Just keep on going with it and maybe it will turn into something you will make some money from. Work on it an hour every day if it gets too cumbersome. It is hard in the beginning when there are no sales, but you just have to keep building. Good luck.


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    I may be in the minority here, but I tend to use sponsored search more for "branding" than for revenue reasons.

    Advertising (for me) is not tracked against commission for ROI, it's big-picture site exposure.

    When I need to get my site out there for some reason (enhancement, new features, etc) & natural search isn't enough, I will use sponsored search. Which means that it is worth the money for my purposes.

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