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    Can't believe how WordPress 2.5 has messed up widgets??
    Any of you done much with widgets in the new WordPress 2.5?

    If you have, can you tell me a way to move widgets between sidebars in 2.5??

    Let's suppose I have two sidebars, sidebar 1 and sidebar 2. Let's suppose I have a Text Widget with the code for 2 ads in it that I want to move from sidebar 1 to sidebar 2.

    Can any of you tell me how I might do that? I'll happily give a shiny new quarter (okay, it's been a slow month -- make that a penny) to anyone who can tell me how to move a widget from one sidebar to the other within WordPress 2.5.
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    I think that feature was broken in 2.5. I don't know why they did that.
    I tried to remove a text widget hoping to move it to the other sidebar and as soon as I removed it, it was gone permanently. I had to recreate it on the other side bar. Drag and drop only works in the same sidebar.

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    I ran onto this 15-step process. I forgot what blog I saw it on, but I share it here in case it's of any help. What a mess:

    Moving one text widget from one sidebar to another in 2.5

    1. Go to design > widgets
    2. Click on the text widget edit link
    3. Copy the content of the widget to the clipboard
    4. Click the remove button
    5. Click the “Save Changes” button
    6. Select the target sidebar from the pulldown
    7. Click Show
    8. Click “Add” on the text widget bar in available widgets
    9. Click edit on the text widget in the sidebar panel
    10. Paste the content into the widget text area
    11. Reenter the title (if one is desired)
    12. Click “Change”
    13. Click “Save Changes”

    Delightful, isn't it? Surely someone in the WP developers MUST be working on a way to fix this, aren't they? Has anyone heard??
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