This is a post about "offline cookies." (not Oreos or anything like that - you'll know what i mean in a sec.)

Here's an idea i had which hopefully some people will find value in and be able to use to make money:

Think of *all* of the businesses in your local community that don't have a web presence. And, even the ones with websites often do not have near the skills of internet marketing that you have.

What if you could put prospects in front of them and send them new business.

So you could drive traffic to your site, have an opt-in box where the user could tell you they are interested in the product or service provided by the offline merchant(s) you are promoting.

Then your systems automatically send their details to the merchant(s) so they can get in touch with the prospect.

Well, it's an idea i had, but there's this huge sticking point :

How would the affiliate be able to track orders made by these potential customers who are being sent to the merchants, beyond just taking the merchant's word for it (after all, even an ethical merchant could understandably not remember which customer was referred by you, etc.)
In online affiliate marketing, we have cookies that do this for us. In offline affiliate marketing, beyond setting up a pay-per-lead scenario, how would it work? Any ideas? I'm totally stumped on this.