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    lost keyword postion for my site in google suddenlly

    i lost keyword postion for my site in google suddenlly i have same backward links and which i had early but suddenly my site was not appearing in google can u people please suggest wat is promblem& suggest me a solution

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    It could be something just as simple as a datacenter update and you'll pop right back in.

    Also, what are the articles above or replacing you now. If it's a news story or a blog, you may just want to wait it out until Google takes the relevance of old news away.

    Without knowing your site, what's replaced you, etc..... It is hard to give you solid advice, except to just wait it out.

    One thing to not do is to start getting links from the sites that replaced you and spamming blogs with your own backlink. That can and possibly will be detected that you are link spamming.

    Hope this helps.
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