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    Affiliate marketing and seo google
    I wud like to know whether affiliated links from affiliate marketing can have any negative impact on your website.

    I have to handle affiliate marketing campaign for one of our sites, and it is always difficult to keep watch on your affiliate links.

    Most of the affiliated links use ?aff_partner=sxc.

    Is it OK from SEO viewpoint. Will it hav any negative impact on SEO.

    Our SEO has been crying folly over this issue and is telling me to stop affiliate marketing.

    What shall i do ?? Is there any negative impact of affiliate marketing on any website??

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    I've never seen it, it's one of those myths that never go away. Your SEO needs to examine the SERPS. Google and the other search engines don't like crap/spam type sites, whether they have affiliate links or not. I posted a link to the Google Rater Spam Guide in another thread that might give you some input. They listed examples of sites they consider spam and listed affiliate sites, in their eyes brought value. They're also into CPA themselves and then recently the whole deal with Performics, an affiliate network. What's important to a search engine is trying to deliver the most relevant results for any given search, period.

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