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    Ip addresses and seo
    Dear friends,

    I manage more than 20 websites in a VPS in USA. My users are from Spain, and the websites are linked between them.

    I am going to change the VPS with a dedicated server and I have found two different ones:

    One of them is in Spain, but they only can provide me of 4 IP addresses and in the same Class C.

    The other one is in USA and they can provide me of 16 IPs in one class C, and other 16 IPs in other Class C.

    The rest of external links come from Spain and Southamerica mainly.

    Which is the best option to increase my search engine optimization?. Nearby IPs or different IPs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    From my experiance hosting in the country where your visitors are would be far better for search engion traffic. If you are worried about to many sites on one IP then host some of your sites in Spain and see if traffic gets better.

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