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    Affiliate Tracking Software - Recommendations
    Hi all. As a NEWB I am all full of questions. Please bear with me; eventually I hope to be able to give rather than just receive..

    Can anyone give me an honest review of AffTrack (which I can't even find on a google search), AffMeter or any other Affiliate Organizing/Consolidating software? I'm just beginning and signing in to 5-6 networks a day is a bit of a hassle. Certainly someone has come up with a better way right now. Question is - do they work?

    I did a search and saw Michael Coley's suggestion of an Open Source project. That would be cool. Did this go anywhere?


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    Thumbs up AffMeter is good
    I am just reviewing AffMeter now and it's a great timesaver. It's a desktop app that consolidates your affiliate accounts and has a notification popup everytime you get a sale, including AdSense $.

    It doesn't handle ALL the networks but they've got the main ones in there like SAS and CJ, and Clickbank.

    It could probably easily add the 500+ networks that are built in DirectTrack (e.g. incentaclick, rextopia, perfect paycheck, etc.) since that's a hosted system.

    I also suggest they add support for merchants running the popular idevaffiliate and Post Affiliate Pro scripts.

    I've been in touch with then re these improvements and also have given them feedback on their help and documentation. All their responses have been positive and you can tell Firuze and her team are eager to grow this product for the long term.

    Two thumbs up for AffMeter.

    AffTrack has not come up on my radar but maybe someone else can comment on that one.

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