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    April 9th, 2008
    New CJ user having trouble with financial programs
    I am new to CJ and new to this forum (first post). I have applied to and been rejected by E*Trade, ING Direct, Forbes, and Vault.

    Can someone please offer advice on how to get accepted? The site is an American site. The content of the site is financial advice. How can I get these companies to accept me as an affiliate?

    I have not received a single response from CJ's messaging system. Do companies use this? If there is no e-mail listed and I can't get a response from the CJ messaging system, how can I contact them?

    Thanks for your help.

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    March 25th, 2008
    Hi PGp,

    As I merchant (much smaller than thosethe ones you listed) we try to look at the website you have listed, even do a whois to make sure everything looks right and when in doubt i send an email.
    I know we also get a lot of applications a day, so I'm sure they must get even more so if something looks slightly wrong they probably decline without a 2nd thought.

    Were you declined immediately like if you were auto-declined or how long did it take till they did decline you?


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    PGp ... you mention that the site is a US one but you don't say if you are in the US or not. If your address is outside of the US you may find they automatically decline you. Short sighted I know but many merchants are set up like that.

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    March 25th, 2008
    i agree with sue, because we do have an autodecline set up for several countries.
    it's unfortunate we have to have that set up, but the amount of bad affiliates we have gotten from a certain country eventually forced us to do it.

    it's actually one of the reasons why we're seriously considering switching away from CJ is they don't seem to have a very good screening process for affiliates.

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    To clarify, everything about the site is within the United States. The LLC is in the United States and I am an American citizen living in the US.

    It seemed like we were mostly getting auto-denied. If I e-mail the affiliates, is there any chance they reconsider or do the big financial companies ignore new websites?

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    i don't know if they ignore or deny cause you're a new website but i would assume if you just joined CJ in the last few days and have no history it's probably not looked at very favorable.
    they may feel the need to protect where their brand is shown.

    I have 2 suggestions.
    1. Sometimes you can't run campaigns like theirs when you're brand new, therefore settle for ones you can and build up your sales, history and reputation then try to reconnect with them again.
    This biz a lot is based on your willingness to earn respect - like this forum for example.

    2. Or try reaching out to them now through the contact mail and briefly explain your site and situation.
    Keep your message short and make sure the subject line is effective.
    They may get hundreds of messages a day so make sure yours stands out.
    Many will disagree with this line, and I'm saying this with complete respect, but right now you need them more than they need you, so be nice and don't get angry if they don't reply or give you a standard deny email.
    But also don't be afraid to be persistant.
    Remember, someone is getting paid (probably good money) to reply and look after the program, make them work for it

    hope some of this helps, good luck!

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