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    New, confused and slightly annoyed

    I am in the UK.

    After reading a few ebooks I decided to give affiliate marketing a go.

    However (in my ignorance possibly) I have run into a few annoying snags.

    I have looked at signing up to the amazon and ebay (CJ) affiliate programs as a start, this is what most of the ebooks suggested.

    However all their examples of promoting products were via google adwords using, as far as I can see, direct links.

    Reading the T & C's for both services I noted they prohibit any paid search engine traffic from directly linked to the ebay / amazon site.

    So either the authors of this ebooks are ignoring this, or I am misunderstanding this or this has recently changed on amazon / ebay.

    Note withstanding the fact that google also seems to have changed in the last week to ensure that destination and display URLS must be the same.

    Seems to be increasingly more complex than I initially thought.

    Can someone give me some hints? Is the only way to do affiliate markting by creating your own website / blog with appropiate links and then advertise that.

    Thanks in newbie confusion


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    You can still do affiliate marketing with direct ads to merchants but you really need a good website up there first. Most networks won't accept you without you showing them a site you own and register your email address as being whatever at ... if you follow me. And a lot of merchants also want to review your website before accepting you.

    Doing direct ads ... PPC ... can be a very quick way to loose a lot of money. I wouldn't advise it as a way to start off as an affiliate. These days, it seems that more and more merchants don't allow affiliates to place ads directly to them.

    Also ... I'd advise you start reading here at ABW and ignore the e-books ... most e-books are out of date and not worth the paper they aren't printed on. That may sound harsh but I've seen a few of them. There are some very good ones out there though ... just a lot more bad ones.


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    gstyle1607 - Is the only way to do affiliate markting by creating your own website / blog with appropiate links and then advertise that.
    It's what Affiliate Marketing is about. Selling a product or a service on a site or blog on behalf of a merchant and being paid a commission.
    You can't trust an ebook for the latest accurate information. eBay is not even anymore on CJ.

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    It seems like a lot of newbies want to jump right into to PPC. I guess we can blame the ebooks for that.

    I don't have anything against PPC but that's not how I would start off. Personally I'd start off working on the marketing part of affiliate marketing, which means building a website and promoting products.

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    Build a SITE

    seobook is the only ebook I would recommend.
    It comes with updates.

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    Direct to merchant ppc is risky because it builds no long term value.

    It is a one and done equation...

    ...and usually it is a one and none equation.

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    I definitely agree, several merchants even go as far as to restrict affiliates from bidding on similar keywords out of fear that it may interfere with their own ppc campaigns.

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