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    Clickbank Fees
    Clickbank setup fee is $49.95 for vendors. Which I didn't get is whether that is per website or total.

    Lets say I want to promote and through their affiliate network. Do I need to pay $49.95 for each domain I want to promote or I can promote 2 domains with one account?

    I found this at

    ClickBank� - Not Free to use (Vendors)

    $49.95 Activation Fee for EACH account. A new account is needed to sell separate products with the Affiliate Hop Link System.
    $1 + 7.5% per Transaction
    Money Held For to 2-4 Weeks and additional money held in reserve.

    What does it mean?

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    Have you asked Clickbank?

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    I don't want to read through all of this but you'll probably find the answer here

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    OK, so according with my research, if you have and you need to create and from there link to and So, I basically see 2 options:

    A) Make your customers go to and find the book they are looking for and click on it, which makes the process annoying and will decrease conversions a lot. Is this how it works?

    B) Pay $50 for each ebook you sell, which seems like a lot of money.

    If you have 2 websites, and sell 2 products, how do you do it? Option A or B? Or maybe some other way... Please, if you have more than 1 website and sell through Clickbank, let mw know what is the best way to do it.

    Thank you so much!

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