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    In text affiliate links CTR
    Does any one here do in-text affiliate links either in blogs or websites? For example writing reviews of products and including a deep affiliate link to the product?

    We are starting to see some really high click through rates for our publishers who are doing this. I am curious how this has worked for you guys. Have you found the conversion rates stay reasonable? Is it worth the time of hard coding each of those URLs?

    Any thoughts?

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    Does any one here do in-text affiliate links either in blogs or websites? For example writing reviews of products and including a deep affiliate link to the product?
    Edited to add--as for the clickthroughs, it depends a lot on the subject and how the link is worded. People like to click links that they think will be fun, and/or have a picture on the other side, and/or will satisfy their curiosity. And they're more interested in seeing (or learning more about) some things than others.

    But getting lots of clicks isn't the same as getting a decent conversion ratio/actually making sales. A lot of times the two are unrelated or even contrary. Driving clicks (in a massive way) and driving sales are, for the most part, different skill sets.

    As for actually getting sales out of it (which is what makes a link worthwhile from the affiliate standpoint):

    NON-BLOG SITES: I've done it, and when embedded into a real sales pitch (instead of a faux-neutral "review" or other "reporting"), I've had good success that way.

    When putting aff links into what would otherwise (if there were no links) be non-commercial content...I've had a few flukes, but not enough to keep bothering with it. C*ntent ain't king of any of my territory!!

    I've gotten a few flukes by doing that, but to me it's too much w*rk to do it on a large-scale basis (and it's not feasible to do it manually if you want anywhere near full coverage on merchants with thousands of products). Another problem is, most individual blog posts don't get enough views to bother manually adding links (of course, highly popular blogs are an exception).

    I tried making a blog full of sales pitches, but it didn't convert. Blog viewers aren't nearly as receptive to obvious ads as the viewers of my standard-format sites. Plus, it got boring to write, so I soon lost interest in pushing stuff with that format.

    Unfortunately, the kind of stuff I talk about on my nonsales blog doesn't lend itself too well to aff links. It's so eclectic that each merchant would probably only end up with a link apiece... Not that I wouldn't put a link in if I saw a blatant opening for one, but usually there isn't any, on that blog. But it lends itself better to other methods of monetization.
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    I use in-text aff links throughout my content site and get pretty good results. I generally "talk up" the product and then have a link along the lines of "find product here" ,etc . I've also got a banner for the same company on that same page, and some people like the banner, and some like the text.

    Honestly, I'm amazed at the number of people that end up clicking on the inline text link at the very bottom of a somewhat long page.

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