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    $5,000 and .50 CPM! Linkshare must be crazy.
    So we are trying to implement a furniture "Deal of the Day" via Linkshare and just recently discovered they charge merchants a $5,000 set up fee and an additional $0.50 CPM.

    I'm sure this is fine for some of the larger companies out there but for a smaller start up like us this can add up to some serious cash.

    Does anyone know a way around this?



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    damn linkshare charges a CPM, they should share that CPM rate with affiliates.

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    That cpm charge must be new...

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    What does the setup fee cover? Couldn't you just do a DRM link that updates each time your deal changes?

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    Or even link to a static page that you update with each new deal.
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    Admin Note: Moved to Linkshare forum - BTW, they can't delete or edit the thread.

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    Can't you use RSS?

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    I'm all for companies being able to set their pricing as high as they want, but things like this make LinkShare very cost-prohibitive to all but the largest of eCommerce companies.

    I really question the business sense in charging merchants to providing tools to affiliates. If these tools generate incremental sales, networks should provide as many tools as possible for free and do everything they can to encourage their merchants to utilize them. The networks get a cut of the sales, so they should benefit from this. I don't know of any of the smaller networks that charge for this.

    On a side note, I've heard several AMs and OPMs say that virtually all of LinkShare's additional fees are negotiable. It's worth talking with them to see if they would eliminate or reduce those fees for you. Of course if you're a small merchant, they might not feel the need to negotiate.

    And as many people pointed out, you can accomplish the same things through dynamic banners, dynamic landing pages, in-house solutions, etc.

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    I guess you are looking to set up the DRM system so that you can run a deal through a dynamic script that will save affiliates needing to update it. The DRM does have a CPM rate on top of the set up fee.

    As suggested above the RSS system can be used to accomplish the same thing (and is free) , or as an alternative run banners that you simply replace with a new deal. As long as the banners are hosted on LinkShare or your site then these will also update on the fly on your affiliates sites.

    As Michael says, the DRM fees can be negotiable, more so if you're working with an agency that has favorable rates with LinkShare.


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