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    Complaint about CJ
    Am I the only one this ever happens to? 'cause it happens way too often with CJ.

    I spent a lot of time last month putting together a newsletter with coupons, data feed info, etc. for my affiliates. I formatted and sent it through CJ. Today I went into the mail to send another one.

    Oops. The last month's never sent according to their records! I called. They said the page was strange and they couldn't tell either.

    I spent another hour preparing a totally new newsletter for April. I prepared to send it and .... oops again... the site closed with a "technical problems" type of error message (happens ALL the time!). I attempted to re-enter signing in with ID and PW. Wouldn't let me in. Attempted to call CJ. No answers.

    Apologies to all my affiliates.

    How do other people deal with CJ? Is the service, reliability and platform stability bad for others or just for me?!?

    Thanks, I feel a tiny bit better having vented.


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    You can clearly see in the email campaigns tab whether a newsletter has sent or not, so no, I've never had that problem. Maybe you have some screwy browser settings? All emails I've even put into that interface and hit "Send" on, have sent.

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    I have a normal browser. But over the years some of my campaigns say that there have been 0 openings. CJ has said that's a "mistake" and sometimes things don't get recorded correctly. This time the email campaign listing page was formatted strangely but the line for the last email was clear and said the email had never been sent. This is just the most frustrating recent occurence of weird s/w and .... when I call .... random answers, inconsistent between their help desk staff.

    Please consider yourself lucky if you've not had these problems!

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