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    Brought it up here since many may use newsletters.
    This was pissing me off. I send out 2 newsletters and 1 would get through and the other wouldn't. Why - BF links. The newsletter that wasn't getting through had BF links, the one that was getting through had none. So i just tested it out on the newsletter that wasn't getting through by removing BF links and now it goes through.

    I made a post about this a week ago in the Newsletter forum, and spent the last week reading everything i could about AOL spam filters and emailing the prez of the company that sends my newsletters out trying to figure it out. Big thanks to Karen for posting the info.

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    I never include direct affiliate links in newsletters, instead redirects to links on my site.


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    FYI Alot of mail servers block CJ links too.
    Best to do as Chet suggests and redirect all affiliate links.

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