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    Talking Customer Safety: Good Reason to Shop Online
    [I don't want this to incident to haunt me in a search engine so the name of the store will not be revealed]

    The other day I was in a well known store that boasts considerable discounts on clothing, home decor, etc. -- the store is part of a chain that spans across the United States. This store was celebrating its newly expanded shoe dept.
    I found a pair of sandals that I wanted to buy.

    It may be true that the prices are 40% - 60% off of department and mall stores, but what the customer saves in terms of money, the customer often looses in terms of time. Historically speaking, this store has always had lines as slow as molasses in January. As an "improvement," instead of waiting in an individual line for a specific cashier, now people stand in a "snake formation" and wait for an available cashier from the front panel of cashiers (the line is still too darn slow). This improves business for the store because they use many shelving units full of merchandise to create the "snake formation" -- the psychology of the placement is that the store hopes the customer will be so bored while waiting in line that the customer will become interested in an item that will become a last minute spontaneous purchase.

    The other day I was minding my own business as I waited on the slow "snake formation line." I finally was able to go to a cashier [so my back was turned to the "snake formation" and I was interacting with the cashier] but meanwhile someone touched a precariously filled shelving unit that immediately launched a fusillade of products including heavy books at me. It was like a stand alone bookshelf that toppled completely but items shot out from it as if cannons had been launched and a few items hit my butt and the back of my right calf. I yelled "OW!!!!" I think the entire store could hear my scream.

    Luckily I was wearing denim jeans that didn't seem to be hurt. I was in a state of shock and just wanted to pay for my sandals and get out. The manager seemed more concerned over the toppled merchandise scattered in a pile around that floor than he was with me and how I felt.
    I just wanted to pay for the sandals and get out.

    Today as I was working out on the elliptical machine at my neighborhood gym, I became angry when I noticed a big black bruise on the back of my right calf
    I decided I wanted to complain so while I was still dressed in work-out shorts & a t-shirt I made a special trip to the store, stood online at the customer service counter and asked to speak with a manager. I had a feeling that I wouldn't get any remuneration [and I didn't] but at least I pointed out my bruise and lectured the manager on customer safety while stressing the fact that the shelving units should be sturdy enough to hold the products, and/or heavy items such as books should be avoided in the shelving that contributes to the "snake formation." Okay, I blew off steam

    Next time I'll buy online
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    Wow! Makes me long for the good old days when the patron would say to the shop keeper, I'll take that, one of these, and one of those over there. He'd put them in a box and put it on the tab.
    No, that was even before MY time...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomers
    Wow! Makes me long for the good old days when the patron would say to the shop keeper, I'll take that, one of these, and one of those over there. He'd put them in a box and put it on the tab.
    No, that was even before MY time...

    Before mine too but it sure sounds sweet.

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    The bad side of the swing to internet shopping. It's sad shopping in many B&M's now.

    I live on the busiest thoroughfare in my state. Went looking for a basic auto related item, the pepboys I visited a month ago was closed up for good, checked two more stores, no dice, I could get it online.... 50lbs. shipping...

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