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    email campaign
    not sure where to start and wanted to get some opinions from the best

    I have the campaigns I am going to run and I got my email list.... But wondering which software is the best for doing email campaigns

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    Check out these threads for some suggestions (mine in there as well!):

    For this type of app, there is a trade-off between ease of use & functionality - it took me a while to get the hang of phpList. However, it's also open source & free, unlike 3rd party apps that require subscription payments, but are super easy to use!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnorris10
    I have the campaigns I am going to run and I got my email list
    If you bought a list from somewhere or just collected it off of websites or social networks, you may want to check out the CANSPAM act and ensure you are not in violation.....I'm not saying you are, just want to let you know in case. You may also want to ask about it in the legal lounge here at abw.
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