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    Newbie, needing help with tracking code
    Hello forum,

    I am a newbie at shareasale and need some help placing the tracking code. I use I placed the prescribed code on my thank you page. I am not sure what else that I am supposed to do? Any assistance would be appreciated.


    Andrew Noland

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    Hi Andrew and welcome to ABW. You don't say whether you are an affiliate or a merchant (or both) so this part is for affiliates: You might want to put your links on pages that visitors can see without needing to make a purchase from you in order to see them. try to keep the links and banners to pages in your site that are related to the products/services you are promoting. Just a suggestion, you can put links anywhere on your site but the more people who see them, the more likely they will be productive.

    If you are a merchant at SAS just ask them for advice on getting set up correctly.

    Another suggestion - manual sigs are not allowed so you might want to skip that part for awhile.

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    I am not sure that I understand?
    I am just trying to test the tracking code to get setup. It does not work and I followed the directions to the letter. Does the thank you page have to be PHP or ASP format?


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    Andrew, I agree with 2busy that you should deal directly with SAS since you are asking a merchant-related question. Your question isn't something that should be addressed in a public forum. SAS should confirm that tracking is working correctly before your affiliate program goes live.

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