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    Dear Experts,

    I was wondering, is it better (opinions please) to pick one or two top sellers from each of these folks? Or, say.. stick with a Click Bank and promote their top programs? Anyone had any luck on eBay? Buying Wholesale, selling retail? Does a CJ tell or list what their number one selling affiliate program is? Does anyone use eBay to promote the affiliate program presently?

    Kind Regards,
    Brian S. Tinsley
    If you aim at nothing, you WILL hit it!

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    Hey Brian,

    Just my 2 cents...when I started out doing affiliate marketing (I'm still quite new at it), I too went the choose the merchant with the highest payout first and tried to build a site around that...but I found that it didn't work well because 1. I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in the product 2. It was a real chore trying to sell the product. So I started from me - what are my interests, what do I really love? When I did that, I listed all the categories that I was interested in and then tried to find merchants with affiliate programs...sure sometimes I couldn't find any for one topic I liked, so I'd move on to the next topic...and I found that the sites I built were easy to write (because I knew what I was talking about) and I started to get sales...

    That's how I started out anyway...I may move onto things that are fringe interests for me later on but I think when you first start out, it's best to go with your interests (it's easier to write about) and then when you get better at it, move onto something more fringe...

    Just my 2 cents, welcome to the forum.

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    On the other hand--In my experience, "selling what you know" is only good if you happen to know of a lucrative product/hobby, other people care enough about the same product/hobby to buy anything, and the category isn't already covered by what seems like the entire rest of the web.

    Most of my good performers aren't in areas I know about, nor do I care to learn about those areas beyond which products people want.

    What I'M interested in isn't lucrative because the markets are crammed with 10 zillion other sites. Video games...saturated! Avoiding empl*yment...saturated! Gardening...saturated!

    Although top sellers/known hot categories isn't where I'd aim either. Those may sell great in aggregate (all their affiliates combined), but often the pie is so divided that each individual affiliate doesn't get too big of a piece.

    The best thing to promote is a niche that customers are looking for--but not too many other webmasters realize there are customers looking for it... (Try WordTracker )

    Of course, the fact that Selling Stuff--in and of itself--is something that gets me excited helps bring interest to pages even if the product on the page is something I find dull as rocks or otherwise uninteresting!

    It is a beautiful thing, to do nothing, and then rest afterwards.~Spanish Proverb

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    Well said Leader...I think I am moving on to looking at what's lucrative too and getting excited when I think about the sales ...


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    I'll ad my 2 cents as well.

    Interesting points. As usual, I would have to say "it depends."

    Sure, employment is saturated. Nonetheless, our Jobs channels will far and away be our biggest earner by the time this fiscal year ends (30 Sept.) and we've only really been in the "game" for about 9 months or so.

    I agree that it's all about niche and target. Employment remains saturated, but we found a niche within that market and have done exceptionally well with it. Same with education.

    Karl Smith
    phillyBurbs - Your Internet Starts Here

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