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    Commission Junction API
    We can't get anyone at CJ to help us figure out how to get the order_id field when we pull from the webservices. We get every field except that one. We opened a trouble ticket and they told us that they do not support webservices--that we needed to post in the forum. We posted in the forum in October and no one could help. So we opened another trouble ticket today. They responded again that they can't help.

    Does anyone know about this field? Surely people have to be using it. What good is an order report without an order number field?
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    Their API is atrocious. And their support of it is even worse.

    I just built a script to use their API for the first time. The purpose of my script is to get a list of my joined/approved advertisers (ID and Name). I was able to build similar scripts for other networks (using their APIs if they have them, or scraping if not) and all the others run in a matter of seconds. The one I built for CJ takes almost 15 minutes to run.

    Their API documentation doesn't match the WSDL. There are undocumented requirements. The sample code is for old versions.

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    yes, i agre wd michael.

    i cant use the sample codes because it gives errors and have connection problems with the CJ api.

    would like to see this gets improved on.
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    Out of all the APIs, findPublisherCommissionDetails is your best bet. You'll want to use the ItemDetail method. That will return the postingDate, saleAmount and SKU. You'll have to reconcile that against your own database.

    If you need anymore help just shout.

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